2019 Kerry Bog Pony National Show Report

The Kerry Bog Pony National Show took place on Sunday 21st July at Mount Briscoe, by kind permission of Margaret Eghill. The weather was fine for most of the day but there were very strongs winds.  At one stage a gust of wind came and tore the Society tent from its uprights - it took off and was heading west when it was finally captured and brought to earth!  At the same time the Teddy Clifford Cup took off and blew across the ring where the ponies were showing. But Kerry Bog Ponies and their owners are a hardy lot and were not at all bothered by these developments! 

Judge, Denise Norton said "The quality of ponies was very high but some of the ponies needed more handling to show themselves off better". There are now Kerry Bog Pony showing classes at a number of shows - there is nothing more educational for a pony than going to a show.  Putting in a little bit of preparation work and attending a few shows is a great way to get enjoyment out of your ponies and of course, all this will add value to your ponies.

The winner of the 6 Yr Old and Older Mare class was Ros Dubh, age 10, a full sister to last years Show Champion. Turned out at 2yrs of age, she was untouched for 8 years.  Having purchased her recently, Peter Keyes has put time into preparing her and he has done a great job of getting her going. He showed the mare himself to win the class.  

In a departure from the norm this year the Show Champion was the 7 yr old gelding, Little Crazy Horse who showed beautifully for Rachel Dalton.  The judge lamented the fact that he was no longer a stallion as he has all that one would look for when breeding a foal.  The irony is that if he was a stallion he probably would not have been shown nor would he have become so user-friendly.  He also came third later in the first ridden class.

The Young Entry at the show demonstrated the temperament and versatility of the Kerry Bog Pony perfectly in the later classes.

The Young Handler Class was won by Maddie Clancy, showing Pete Moss, who is currently on loan to Dervla Cogan. He has been ridden and shown several times and is turning into a really useful pony. Moya Cogan rode him to win the Lead Rein Class.  Runner up in the Young Handler class was Jennifer Newell with Tramena Fiona. Earlier Jennifer qualified this mare for the National Mare Championship Final in Iverk.  She also shared First Place in the First Ridden Class.   Moya Cogan, riding Castlemaine Lass (Sparkles) shared the honours with Jennifer. Caltlemaiine Lass ridden by Katy Cogan took second place in the Leid Rein Class.

Minutes after the show ended there was a downpour with thunder and flashes of lightning.  As there was no longer a tent we all took cover in a horsebox, got out the tea and sandwiches and had a party!

As always our thanks go out to the people who support the show and who support the Kerry Bog Pony by using them and bringing them out so that they can be seen.



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