2019 National Show Results

Two and Three Year Old Filly

1)     Clahane Hill Lady Colour: Chestnut

Sire:  Knocknagoun Moss  Dam:  Noah Lass  DOB 14/04/17

Owner:  Rose Keyes  Shown by Joseph Keyes

2)      Storm Magic Colour:  Brown

Sire:  Carrickleas Storm   Dam:  Shroughan Wren   DOB: 11/05/2017

Owner:  Gay Keogh

Four and Five Year Old Mare

1)      Dreamtime Mouse Colour:  Bay

Sire:  Ceide Fields   Dam:  Black Valley Moonbeam  DOB: 8/06/2015

Owner:  Mary McGrath

Mare Six Years Old and Upwards

1)      Ros Dubh Colour:  Black

Sire:  Flashy Fox  Dam:  Bog Jessie

DOB:  2009

Owner:  Peter Keyes

2)      Tramena Fiona  Colour:  Bay

Sire:  Caher Flood   Dam:  Tramena Susan

DOB:  2013  Owner:  Ann Leonard

3)     Castlemaine Lass Colour:  Grey

Breeding Unknown

DOB:  2004  Owner: Dervla Cogan

Gelding Any Age

1)     Little Crazy Horse Colour:  Grey

Sire:  Silver Bog Smarty  Dam:  Dreamtime Maggie  DOB: 2012

Owner:  Gay Keogh

2)     Clahane Chestnut Shadow Colour:  Chestnut  Sire: Knocknagoun Moss

DOB: 2016  Owner:  Norma Cook

3)     Knocknagoun Moss Colour:  Chestnut

Sire: Ventry Dreamer   Dam: Shroughan Bog Girl  DOB:  2013  Owner:  Norma Cook

Show Championship

Show Champion:  Little Crazy Horse

Reserve Champion:  Dreamtime Mouse

Mare Championship Qualifier

1)     Tramena Fiona

2)      Ros Dubh

Young Handler Class

  • Maddie Clancy showing Pete Moss
  • Jennifer Newell showing Tramena Fiona
  • Moya Cogan showing Castlemaine Sparkles

Lead Rein Class

1)     Moya Cogan riding Pete Moss

2)     Katie Cogan riding Castlemaine Lass

3)     Zoe Dalton riding Little Crazy Horse

First Ridden Class

Tie for First Place

Moya Cogan on Castlemaine Lass

Jennifer Newell on Tramena Fiona




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