Aims and Objectives

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The Objectives of the Society are given in detail in the Rules of the KBP Co-Op. Four of the seventeen Objectives are quoted here to indicate concisely the aims of the Society:

  • To encourage the continued improvement and upgrading of the Kerry Bog Pony by advocating the careful selection of mares and stallions so as to conserve genetic diversity and minimize inbreeding, and to apply those principles to later generations.
  • To record pedigrees and maintain the breed register. To ensure that the ponies are blood typed/DNA typed and micro-chipped in the year in which they are born and to liaise with the Irish Horse Board to comply fully with the regulations to ensure that every pony has a passport.
  • To be the responsible authority in all matters concerning conservation, promotion and welfare of the Kerry Bog Pony population.
  • To provide or arrange for the provision of any service or services which may be for the benefit of members and others including the arrangement of suitable training courses.

We have State Support to represent the Kerry Bog Pony both Nationally and Internationally.


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