Department of Agriculture Requirements

Legal requirements for the Society

The Kerry Bog Pony Co Operative Society  is recognised at EU level as the holder of the Studbook for the Kerry Bog Pony. It operates under licence from the Department of Agriculture and is subject to regular review to ensure the Society is meeting all its legal requirements and responsibilities.


Legal requirements for Pony Owners

Kerry Bog Pony owners are affected by other legal requirements, particularly in the following areas:

Equine Premises Registration 

It is a legal requirement under the Control on Places where Horses are Kept Regulations (SI 113 of 2014) that all premises where equines are kept must be registered with the Department of Agriculture. (This does not mean that only commercial premises have to register – everywhere horses, ponies and donkeys are kept has to be recorded on the register.) This is required for example, in the case of a contagious equine disease outbreak, where all owners in the location can be notified quickly and efficiently.

If your holding is not already registered as an Equine Premises, you should apply immediately to DAFM for an Equine Premises Number. Contact your local District Office or download the application form from the Department website HERE.

Transfer of Ownership

On July 1st, 2014 the Government introduced new legislation relating to the Transfer of Ownership for horses, ponies and donkeys.  Under S.I. No. 201 of 2016, Equidae (Transfer of Ownership), there are a number of requirements that have to be met to avoid severe penalties. Records of purchase and sale dates have to be available for inspection.

Failure to register the Transfer of Ownership within the time limit is a serious offence, liable to high penalties. DAFM authorized officers will carry out inspections and will have the authority to inspect records and documents. Giving, false, misleading or incomplete information is also a legal offence.

Download a Transfer of Ownership Form HERE.