End-of-2019 greetings from the KBP committee

We'd like to take just a minute and send all our members and visitors to the site a message of happy holidays, and good wishes for the new year. We'd also like to give everyone an update on what's been happening behind the scenes, and it's a lot!

Firstly, the Kerry Bog Pony Cooperative Society isn't going anywhere. The end of the year has been incredibly chaotic with the resignation of the entire committee, but rest assured, there is a new committee in place and we're working hard to keep everything moving forward. And in moving forward, there are going to be some changes, too. 

We (and you can get a list of our names and contact information on our updated Contact Us page) have had several meetings to discuss how best to protect, preserve, and grow the numbers of these wonderful ponies we've been entrusted with. First and foremost is going to be an overhaul in the image we're projecting as KBP owners, breeders, and enthusiasts. The only way we can see the breed continue is with the support and active involvement of current and new members, and that's what we're going to be striving for. 

One of the first ways we're doing that is with something the society and breed have never had before — a social media presence. Our Facebook page is up and running at https://www.facebook.com/kerrybogpony/ — please join, post photos, and share stories about your ponies. Other social media accounts will be following in the new year, and we hope to see all of you there! 

We are also in the process of overhauling the web site, updating forms, and making membership much, much easier to apply for and keep up. We are happily accepting any and all new members; for information on that, our new treasurer Damien DeBarra is the contact person. New types of memberships — and new benefits — will be coming in the new year, and we're super excited to expand our Kerry Bog Pony family. 

Lastly -- and perhaps most importantly -- our new Chairman, Liam Condon, has been in continued communication with the Department of Agriculture regarding the handover of the society and exactly what our best course of action is. They have been very, very helpful, and incredibly supportive as we figure this all out. We've even managed to secure grant money that had been hanging out in limbo for months, which is a huge deal.

As members of the new committee, we're figuring this out as we go. None of us have had any experience with taking on a challenge like this before, but we're all doing it because we know that just getting out in the field with our own ponies isn't going to be enough to save them. We need to talk about them, to show them off, and to get them out there, so they can charm others as they've charmed all of us. And they do deserve to be saved. As KBP enthusiasts, we have a huge responsibility: we need to protect them, and help them. As a society, we can absolutely bring these ponies back from the brink of extinction, and our first steps are ensuring people have a welcoming, friendly place to get information, make contacts, and meet other owners. And that's what we're going to be. 

So, that said, we hope everyone has a Happy New Year, and just know that we're going to be moving ahead in 2020. It's a new decade for the society, too, and we hope you'll keep an eye out for updates, chat with us on Facebook, and that we'll see you all out and about with your ponies!