We put together the top questions and answers that members have about the Kerry Bog Pony and the work of the Co-Operative Society. We hope you find these useful but if you need more help, please contact us at secretary@kerrybogpony.ie

What is the Irish Horse Register?

The Irish Horse Register incorporates several separate studbooks, including the Kerry Bog Pony as well as a register of animals with no pedigree or partial pedigree that do not meet the criteria for inclusion in these studbook.

Why do I need a passport?

From 1st July 2009, the identification system for equidae was amended. Under EU Legislation, all equidae will have to be microchipped and have their identification document (passport) within six months of their birth. The microchip number of each animal must be recorded on its passport.

The new identification system will build on a single identification document – one passport – issued for life when the animal is born or imported. The document will be linked to the animal by their microchip, and the fact that it was issued will be recorded in a database under a Unique Equine Life Number (UELN) for the animal that will remain the constant reference even when the animal’s name is changed.

Under the EU Legislation, animals not registered within 6 months of their birth will be permanently excluded from the food chain and Horse Sport Ireland is obliged to stamp their passport ‘Not Fit for Human Consumption’. Similarly, where foals are sent to slaughter, they must have been registered for a period of at least 6 months before they are allowed to enter the food chain. Where an animal is issued a duplicate passport they will be permanently excluded from the food chain and the duplicate passport stamped to reflect this.

Passports issued by Horse Sport Ireland on behalf of the Kerry Bog Pony Co-operative Society Ltd at all times remain the property of the Irish Horse Register. Upon death or slaughter of any animal, the passport must be returned to Horse Sport Ireland.