Despite the good start that has been made by the Society and its members, this extraordinary pony is still very much in danger of extinction.  It is vital that the preservation and promotion of the breed continues so that people become actively involved in saving one of the rarest pony breeds in the world.  The future of the pony lies in increasing herd numbers through careful, informed breeding and the development of the marketplace.

The Kerry Bog Pony Co Operative Society would encourage people to become informed, to get involved and to consider becoming a Kerry Bog Pony owner.

Why should you become a member of the Kerry Bog Pony Co Operative Society?       


There are many reasons to become a member of the Society.  Most obviously the benefits include:

  • Reduced fees for Registrations and Inspection within the Studbook
  • Reduced entry fees for the annual National Breed Show in Kerry
  • A free Stallion book containing details of all Class 1 Stallions with all pedigree and many colour photographs to help you in choosing the best pony to cover your mare
  • Advice on potential matings based on Genetic analysis of your  mares’ pedigrees
  • Three full colour Newsletters a year sent to you with photos, news, information and reminders about all things Kerry Bog!

But more than that, your membership:

  • Helps the Society carry out its role to preserve and promote this wonderful pony
  • Shows your support of Ireland’s threatened Heritage and Biodiversity
  • Gives you the opportunity to discover how rewarding working with and owning a Kerry Bog Pony can be!

To become a member for the first time or renew your membership, please complete the relevant Membership Application form (see below) and return it with the correct fee to the address on the form.


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