Handing out information leaflets
Handing out information leaflets

Mount Briscoe Traditional and Rare Breed Show

The Inaugraul running of this show for rare and traditional breeds was held on Sunday 30th July, 2017, in Daingan, Co. Offaly.  There were classes for many different breeds of cattle and sheep, and in hand and ridden classes for Irish Draught horses and Connemara ponies.

The Kerry Bog Pony stand had ponies on display and provided information on the breed. When the ponies then gave a carriage driving display in the Pony arena it caught the attention of both young and old.

This was a friendly and welcoming event where the audience had a genuine interest in rare breeds and were delighted to see the ponies. Although quite a few had heard of the Kerry Bog Pony, for many it was their first time to actually see a Kerry Bog.



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