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 Traditionally, a horse or pony evolves over time, eventually becoming a type, governed by its suitability for use for a specific task and influenced by its environs and its geographical limitations. 

Our knowledge of how the small ponies of Kerry developed is based mostly on conjecture.

The Viking invasions of Ireland, between 795A.D. and 1000A.D. could be a significant chapter in the development of the Kerry Bog Pony, given the Northern European origins pointed to in the genetic analysis.

Viking settlements were established on Beginish, Dingle Bay and Limerick on the Southwest coast of Ireland. It is an accepted fact that Vikings transported ponies throughout their realm. The well documented Icelandic pony is a clear example of this. Cargo boats, or Knarr, were speciall disigned trading ships with space for all kinds of goods. See Illustration below.




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  • Image of a Viking Knarr, a carco carrying vessell used on their long trading journeys