Photographing your Pony

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Taking a good photograph of your pony

Preparation is the key to a good photo - Preparation in terms of the pony’s appearance and preparation in terms of training.  It goes without saying and yet still needs to be said – your pony should be clean, well groomed and wearing appropriate tack.

Your pony should be well handled and used to people moving around them. It should be taught how to stand up properly, stay still and not fidget; this should be done over time.  If they learn how they are expected to stand and practice holding the correct stance, it will become easier for them as their muscles become accustomed to holding the position.  Teaching them that you expect them to stay in this position means that they do not get agitated when asked to stand still and they are more relaxed, resulting in a better photograph.

The correct stance:

The pony should stand still with all four legs visible.  This means that they should have an open stance when viewed from the side.  It is probably better to achieve this by teaching the pony to take a short step backwards, as this helps to bring the hocks under the body and give a balanced outline.  Bringing a pony forwards can sometimes result in him being on the forehand which will not look as well.  The pony should then be encouraged to look alert, to hold his head well with the ears pricked and forward facing.  The use of a treat - pony nuts, carrot pieces or a pick of grass will encourage their focus and interest in the handler.  The handler should stand approximately two feet in front of the pony so as to remain outside the photograph.

The correct Background:

When taking a photograph of your pony, make sure that you take it with the sun at your back.  Do not take photos indoors in a shed or stable unless the lighting is very good.  Make the pony the focal point in the picture, with no distractions in the picture - farmyard clutter or machinery does not make for a good background!  Try for a plain wall or a green paddock.


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