Rare Breeds at Limerick Show

Kerry Bog Ponies were on display in the Rare Breed Section at Limerick Show on Sunday 27th August. This was a static display area where the ponies stood out amongst the cattle breeds on display, drawing large numbers of interested people.

The two ponies were a bit bemused by the noise of bawling cattle and the loudspeader system on the corner of their pen but they behaved impeccably!

Many visitors we spoke to had come because of a genuine interest in Rare Breeds and they were delighted to hear the story of the Kerry Bog Pony.  A number of others came specifically to see the ponies as they were thinking of either downsizing to a more managible sized equine, or acquiring a pony to join their Irish Draught and/or Connemara.

We even had some visitors who had been at the National Show in Glenbeigh last week!



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