Statement from the Management Committee


The KBP Management Committee continues to conduct the business and affairs of the Society.

Despite the recent resignations of three members, the remaining members still constituted a quorum and since then have co opted two new members as allowed for in the Society rules. The Committee has operated within the rules at all times.

A number of decisions were taken at a Kerry Bog Pony Management Committee meeting on 15th October.  The Management Committee is actively implementing these decisions.  In the intrest of Transparency these are outlined below:


  • To co-opt more members onto the Committee: Two members have been co-opted onto the Management Committee; both have knowledge and experience of rare breeds and marketing.
  • To hold an event on Judging and Inspecting ponies: An educational Seminar on the Kerry Bog Pony was held to discuss and assess Type, Conformation and Movement at Inspections and in the Show Ring (See In-depth Report)
  • To add the (then) Chairman Anna McCarthy as co-signer on the joint chequing account once 2017 accounts were completed at the year-end: The Accounts are currently being prepared by the Treasurer for submission to the Auditors and presentation to the Shareholders of the Society at the AGM.
  • To prepare a Document relating to future GLAS schemes for discussion by the Management Committee: This is currently being prepared. Items to be discussed will include 1) easing the ownership date requirements for entry into the scheme to encourage purchasing of ponies to qualify for the scheme 2) a request for a Foal Grant similar to the calf grant received by Kerry Cattle owners 3) a potentially higher grant for KBP’s as they are rarer than the other Rare Breeds in the scheme such as the Connemara Pony or Irish Draught Horse 4) the requirement to fulfil the Breed Improvement obligation which is a condition of our Stud Book licence granted by the Department of Agriculture. Ie Bringing ponies out for Inspection. Present GLAS scheme members will NOT be affected and will NOT lose their GLAS payments. Measures can NOT be backdated. The proposal would be that for future schemes ponies should be inspected to be eligible for increased payment. At no stage is there any mention of ponies having to be any specific class. The requirement would be that they be brought out for inspection. Classes 1, 2 and 3 would all be eligible to draw down grants. An agreed document will be presented to the Department of Agriculture for their consideration.
  • The (then) Chairman to attend the meeting called by the Department of Agriculture, to discuss the renewal of the licence to hold the Kerry Bog Pony Studbook and continue to issue passports: The meeting was subsequently attended by another committee member and the licence will be renewed subject to a number of conditions.
  • To contact Horse Sport Ireland about monies due in regard to Transfer of Ownership fees: This has been done and payment has been received by the Treasurer.
  • To write to ICOS regarding 2017 payment: We do not have funds for this and have written a letter of explanation to ICOS

Two days after that meeting three members of the Committee resigned citing dissatisfaction about the Chequebook issue, the preparation of the Discussion Document and control of the Website. 

The first item was discussed by the Committee at the meeting on 15th October and the action to be taken was agreed without dissent. The second item was voted on by the Committee and was passed by 3 votes to 1, with 1 abstention.  The Website issue was not raised at the meeting. However offers to hand over control of the Website to the (then) Chairman and the (then) Keeper of the Studbook during the summer had not been taken up.

The Management Committee continues to run the business and affairs of the Society.  An AGM will be held in the New Year as soon as the 2017 accounts have been finalised.




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