The Kerry Bog Pony Studbook

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This studbook is the register of all purebred Kerry Bog Ponies.

It consists of a main section only and is divided into four classes:

  • Class 1 is for ponies that pass inspection for classification.
  • Class 2 is for ponies that fail to be included in Class 1 when inspected only because they are outside the height limits (102cms-112cms for mares and 102cms – 117cms for stallions).
  • Class 3 is for animals that do not meet the criteria for entry into class 1 or 2.  Any pony showing visible signs of broken colour (e.g. white body flashes); one or two wall eyes; pink pigment around the eyes, will be placed in class 3.
  • Class 4 [Un-inspected Ponies] is for un-inspected foals and all other animals that have a legal right of entry into the studbook but have not been inspected.

Any foals out of uninspected (Class 4) mares and/or stallions born after 31st December 2010 will remain in Class 4 and will not be eligible for inspection until both parents are inspected.

Animals registered in Class 4 of the main studbook can be inspected from age 2 onwards for placement in Class 1, 2 or 3 as appropriate. 

For Registration Process information please click HERE.

Inspections are carried out by the Kerry Bog Pony Co Operative Society annualy.  For further information see HERE.



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