An Introduction to the Kerry Bog Pony

The Kerry Bog Pony is classified as a mountain and moorland pony. It was originally used as a working pony in the small farms in County Kerry but today can be found in small numbers throughout Ireland, United Kingdom and Austria.

Based on pedigree records and the accumulated genetic information collected in recent years (blood typing and DNA testing) it has made it possible to prove scientifically that the ponies were a distinct breed. The breed has been recognised by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine as a native rare breed standing approximately 10 to 11.2hh (102cms – 117cms) for stallions and 10 to 11hh (102 – 112cms) for mares.

The Kerry Bog Pony has an intelligent head, strong neck set into rounded shoulder with a compact body. Muscular legs with good bone have very little feathering.  It has a short cannon bone, a short pastern with upright hooves. It comes in a variety of whole colours with chestnut and bay being very common. It is an extremely hardy pony.

This rare breed is an ideal family pony, full of character and fun.  Generations of use on small farms have produced a pony of calm temperament, willing and able to perform in a wide number of disciplines.

The Kerry Bog Pony is ideal for Lead Rein and First Ridden Classes and can take a competent child Jumping and Cross Country where they are surefooted and careful.  

Adults and children alike can enjoy these ponies. Adults can take them to the Show ring for In Hand classes and, as they are strong for their size, they also make excellent driving ponies.

A Video Introduction to the Kerry Bog Pony