Tips for Selling your Pony

In these difficult economic times it is important to be realistic about the selling prospects of your ponies.  Across the board, horse prices are down - be they racehorses, international show jumpers, happy hackers or children’s ponies. People have less money to spend and are more cautious about what they buy.

In this tough marketplace there are some things that can be done to help improve your pony’s sale potential. These actions may not improve the price of your pony but they may make the buyer choose your pony out of all of the ponies out there for sale.

  • Research. Looking at pony ads and/or talking to other sellers, will give you a price range for your pony. Be realistic when you compare your ponies to others on the market. Compare like for like. An unhandled yearling colt is not going to sell for the same price as a prize winning brood mare. See what is selling; do people want ponies broken and riding? Or driving? Do they want untouched youngstock or the winner of a yearling class?
  • Prepare. All stock need to be well handled so that they can be shown off to their best advantage for a potential buyer. If you are selling a youngster be sure he will lead and that he will stand and be happy to have his feet picked up.  If you are selling a riding pony, be sure that he goes well with different riders so that he does his best in a trial. Time your sale to just after you have the pony’s feet done, give the main and tail a wash and the pony a good grooming. None of this should cost you extra money; it just takes a bit of time and effort. But it makes a big difference to a purchaser.
  • Photographs. If advertising don’t use bad snapshots, showing half a pony or a pony tied up in a dark shed. When your pony is prepared and looking well, take a number of photos. Choose the best, to show off your ponies strengths. Make sure that the pony is standing up properly, looking smart and alert. If it is a riding pony, show it being ridden and handled by a child.  See below for further tips on taking good photographs
  • Do your pony justice. Kerry Bog Ponies are wonderful ponies with many attributes. List them and illustrate them where you can. State that they have a brown Kerry Bog Pony Passport. Always give their pedigree and list important relatives and what they have achieved. If you have had your pony inspected, say so - it shows that the pony is a rare breed which has an active breed society. Have your pony looking well when you are trying to sell. 

A well-handled pony with a good temperament will sell. Don’t forget to state the basics “… good to handle, load, with farrier, will hack our alone or in company, etc.”  

A bit of time and effort can make the difference between selling and not selling, and it doesn’t cost anything!

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