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The Kerry Bog Pony features largely in two main tourist areas:


The discovery of a 'new' breed in the late 20th Century is, in itself, quite extraordinary. It has generated tremendous good will and curiosity in the media and this can be used to great advantage in the advancement of Equine Tourism.

The once almost extinct Kerry Bog Pony has survived in a distinct localised habitat. There is a unique opportunity to focus on the ponies and the conservation of their native habitat and landscape in National Parks throughout Ireland where they will serve as a tourist attraction.


The Kerry Bog Pony has survived in a unique habitat. Kerry has a large number of rare breeds not found elsewhere in Ireland. We have the opportunity now to preserve both the pony and its natural environment. Irish bogland is becoming increasingly rare. A day in the bog has become the stuff of memories and nostalgia. It is intended to raise awareness of the fragile ecosystem in which we live and to show how we can create tourism opportunities by caring for our rarebreeds in their native surroundings.


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