Using the Database

The database is a very useful tool for anyone interested in the Kerry bog Pony Breed.  It allows you to search all the registered ponies on the database.  It can be searched in a variety of ways.

Simply click on the 'Search Database' tab at the top of the Home Page to view your search 'options' which include:

  • By pony name
  • By sex
  • By year of birth
  • By Sire 
  • By Dam
  • By Owner/Keeper
  • By Breeder

You can also use the database to: 

  • View a pony's pedigree/back breeding
  • View a pony's siblings
  • View a pony's progeny or offspring
  • View photos of ponies where they are available
  • Carry out a hypothetical mating

In an effort to have our database as up-to-date as possible we would like to know if you have gelded a colt or if an animal is deceased.

Each profile has the capacity to hold a number of photos so we would like to get as many profile pictures up as possible. You can send a photo by email to  or by post to Ann Crowley, Barrabehy, Mooncoin, Co. Kilkenny.

If you notice any errors on the system we would very much appreciate if you could let us know and we will endeavour to make the appropriate corrections as quickly as possible.

Contact details for owners and breeders are displayed for society members whose permission has been given to display such details. If you wish to sell stock, you should send us your completed contact detail 'permission' form.

A 'For Sale' facility is also available free of charge to society members only. Ponies for sale can be viewed on the Side bar, as well as by using the FOR SALE icon at the bottom of the Home page.

So if you would like us to advertise your pony, please provide your name and address, pony's name and registration number and suitable pictures.These should be sent on to the email address or postal address above. Further details and relevant information should be included. If you wish to sell stock, you should send us your completed contact detail 'permission' form. Download form HERE

For Sale ads will display for 2 months - if you wish it to stay up longer or if your pony is sold, please inform us.

To advertise your pony for sale on Kerry Bog Pony CoOperative Society website:

  • You must be a member of the Kerry Bog Pony CoOperative Society
  • You must be the Owner/Keeper of the pony
  • The pony must be Class 1 or Class 2 OR, if under 2 years old, must be the progeny of Class 1 or Class 2 ponies.


"For Sale" Terms and Conditions:

The display of any pony for sale on the Website does not constitute an endorsement by the Society. It is the responsibility of the Vendor to provide full and accurate information.  The Purchaser should ensure that the pony is fit for purpose. The exchange of monies for a purchase is strictly between the Purchaser and the Vendor. Any  dispute arising out of the sale of a pony shall be a dispute between the Vendor and the Purchaser and in no circumstances shall the Kerry Bog Pony Co-operative Society Ltd, be liable to either party in connection with such dispute.


We hope you find this facility useful and would appreciate all feedback.