Membership Matters: Support Us So We Can Support The Kerry Bog Pony.

It is vital that the preservation and promotion of the breed continues so that people become actively involved in saving one of the rarest pony breeds in the world and discover how rewarding working with and owning a Kerry Bog Pony can be.

As a breeder, producer or fan of the Kerry Bog Pony, it is good to be part of a group of people who share an enthusiasm for Ireland’s smallest native breed of pony.

The Kerry Bog Pony Co-Operative Society encourages people to become informed, to get involved and to consider becoming a Kerry Bog Pony owner and supporter.

Annual Membership of the Kerry Bog Pony Co-Operative Society Provides:
  • Reduced entry fees for the annual National Breed Show,
  • Annual e-Newsletter about all things Kerry Bog Pony,
  • Voting rights and opportunity to forward motions at the Society’s AGM once payment is received before 31st March.

The future of the pony lies in increasing herd numbers through careful, informed breeding and the development of the marketplace. For 2023, Breeders and Owners are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Reduced fees for Registrations and Inspection within the Studbook,
  • A free Stallion book containing details of all Class 1 Stallions including their pedigrees,
  • Advice on potential pairing based on Genetic analysis of your mares’ pedigree.

Above all your membership will help the Society to carry out its role to preserve and promote this extraordinary pony, which is still very much in danger of extinction.

Shareholder and Annual Membership Terms and Conditions

Applicants for membership are required to hold one Kerry Bog Pony Co-Operative Society Limited share, which is set at the nominal value of one euro (€1) and pay an annual membership fee.

In line with General Data Protection Requirement (GDPR) legislation, the Kerry Bog Pony Co-Operative Society Limited wants to state that privacy and protection of shareholder data is of paramount importance to us. We are committed to providing clear and transparent explanations of how, when and why your data will be used.

On our Membership Application Form, we ask you to confirm that your full contact details can be recorded in the Kerry Bog Pony Co-operative Society Limited register. This is a MANDATORY consent – if you do not wish your name, address and contact details to be recorded on the shareholder register, we will be unable to accept your application. Further optional consent choices are detailed on the Membership Application Form.

To comply with our GDPR requirements we must have a signed consent form on record from you before your Annual Membership is considered valid for official purposes e.g. compliance with GLAS requirements.

2023 Shareholder and Annual Membership Fee

New Shareholder & Annual Membership€35 + €1 to become a shareholder
Annual Membership Renewal€35