From 1st July 2009 under EU Legislation, all equidae will have to be microchipped and have their identification document (passport) within six months of their birth.

Horse Sport Ireland (HSI) administrates the Kerry Bog Pony Studbook on behalf of the Kerry Bog Pony Co-Operative Society Ltd. and is deemed the passport-issuing organisation (PIO).

Kerry Bog Ponies must be both microchipped and DNA typed to enter the Studbook. A unique number individually identifies the pony that is the UELN (Unique Equine Life Number). This is a 15-digit number with the first three digits of UELN – 372, indicating Ireland as the country of origin of the Studbook and the next three digits – 414, Horse Sport Ireland administrator’s code of the Kerry Bog Pony Studbook.

Ponies in the Studbook are also identified by name at first registration. It has become a tradition to assign names having bog associations to Kerry Bog Pony foals. The Kerry Bog Pony Co-Operative Society encourages that tradition. Duplication of names will not be permitted. The name given to any pony must be entered as part of the registration details. Breeders/owners may also register a prefix name for a once off payment of the appropriate fee to Horse Sport Ireland subject to terms and conditions, apply for a prefix – Horse Sport Ireland.

Applicants are then issued with a brown cover Kerry Bog Pony Co-Operative Society passport and zootechnical certificate.

It is an important document and should always accompany the pony.

Email  for information on the Kerry Bog Pony Studbook procedures in relation to passports:

    • Entry
    • Registration
    • Foal registration kit
    • Registration of an adult pony
    • Where a pony holds a pre 2005 identity document
    • Register a pony which was part of the original foundation stock or is a descendant of two original foundation stock
    • Duplicate passport.

Visit Transfer of Ownership for form and more information.  

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