Kerry Bog Ponies are registered through Horse Sport Ireland, who administers the Studbook on behalf of the Kerry Bog Pony Co-Operative Society Ltd.

In 2023 Horse Sport Ireland switched to an improved system of DNA analysis known as SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) testing. SNP testing will provide improved parentage testing and genotyping, providing for improved health monitoring and trait analysis. The majority of the mares and stallions in the Kerry Bog Pony Studbook have been re-analysed on the SNP technology.



Registration Process

Step 1Receive / Order Your Kit. The registration kit will contain a pre-printed Kerry Bog Pony Marking Chart, the required DNA sample bags and an instruction leaflet.

For Foals this can be done two ways:

For Adult Animals (with pedigree) contact Horse Sport Ireland and order a DNA kit.

Step 2Call Your Vet. A veterinary surgeon must implant a microchip, supplied by an approved Passport Issuing Organization (PIO).  They must complete the Kerry Bog Pony Marking Chart, including the chip number and place the required DNA samples into the appropriate envelopes, which should also be identified with the microchip number.

Step 3 Send Your Foal Marking Chart to HSI with Fee. Both the completed Marking Chart and DNA samples must be returned to Horse Sport Ireland in the preaddressed envelopes that came in your kit. 

Please Note:

  • Foal registration should be carried out before 31st October to avail of the reduced Registration Fee.
  • If a foal has been sold before registration, a completed Transfer of Ownership Form will be required before the resulting passport can be issued.
  • A valid Premises Registration Number is required.  Ensure you provide this number and that is it validated for equines.

Any questions about the process email